Benfits of Farm shops

What are farm shops and what are the different types of vegetables you can buy at them? How are local veggies from one of these shops better for you than the veggies sold in stores? Let's find out.

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What Are Farm Shops

A farm shop is also called a farm stand or farmer's market, and it is a retail outlet that sells items directly from a farm. Many farms have a farm store or stand located right on their property. Some of the food that can be bought include vegetables, fruits, baked goods, cider and dairy products to name a few. The items sold at such a store come from local sources or directly from the farm.

Different Vegetables Sold There

Depending on the time of year you go to a farm stand, you can find many kinds of vegetables. This includes everything from broccoli to cauliflower to squash and onions. Potatoes, carrots, spinach, leeks and beetroot are other kinds of vegetables you may find. Generally speaking, a farm stand sells all of the vegetables that the big stores sell, except they get it from local sources. If the farm market is located on the farm's property, then the vegetables sold there may come directly from their farm. As previously mentioned, these types of stores sell many types of food and dairy products that are typically found on a farm.

Why Local Veggies Are Better From A Farm Stand

When you buy vegetables from large stores, you don't know where they got them from. When you choose to buy from a farm store, you know exactly where your food is coming from. Let's not forget to mentioned that food bought in larger stores may have been sprayed with harmful chemicals. Food sold on a farm tends to be healthier because it doesn't contain a lot of the harmful substances found in the stores. If you want to have fresh vegetables and you don't want to guess where it came from or how long it has been sitting in back of a delivery truck for, then buy your vegetables from a farm stand.


Generally speaking, the vegetables sold in farm stores tend to be just as affordable as store bought vegetables. Depending on where you go, the vegetables may be cheaper at a farmer's market, and fresher. As previously mentioned, you can find much more at a farm outlet than veggies, and everything is sold at a fair price. Remember, it's important to know where your food came from and you want nothing but the freshest veggies When you go to a farm stand, you'll get just that.

Do you want great tasting veggies and do you want fresh milk, baked goods and other types of food and products associated with a farm? Do you want to know where your food comes from and do you want to save money on vegetables? Of course you do and this is why you should head to the nearest farmer's market in your area.